SmartSight™ - 1440P Dash Cam

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"It's not just a dash cam; it's your trusted witness on the road, an embodiment of advanced technology, and your partner for a safer journey."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Fernando Gonzales
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Tired of unpredictable road incidents going unnoticed or unrecorded? Frustrated by the lack of clarity in captured footage? Say goodbye to these common pain points faced by drivers seeking a reliable dash camera. Smart Sight™ emerges as the go-to companion, addressing concerns about video quality, limited field of view, and complex installations. It's time to embrace peace of mind on the road with Smart Sight, your trusted eye for every journey.

The SmartSight™ 1440P Dash Cam is a marvel of modern dash cam technology and design. It's like having an extra pair of vigilant eyes on the road, and it consistently ensures that every journey is recorded with precision. With its extensive list of features, it's a true driving companion that enhances your safety and driving experience.


Unmatched Clarity:
Designed to help you capture the road in 1440P high-definition clarity, this dash cam features an advanced chipset and 300Mega pixel resolution for crystal-clear footage.

Enhanced Safety:
With features like G-sensor, wide dynamic range, and voice control, the SmartSight™ dash cam prioritizes your safety and convenience on the road.

Reliable Storage:
Loop-cycle recording and support for up to 256GB of external memory ensure that your important footage is always saved and easily accessible.

Easy Installation:
The dash cam's compact design and included accessories make it simple to install and start recording right away.

So, why settle for uncertainty on the road? Choose the SmartSight™ 1440P Dash Cam for a safer and more informed driving experience. Don't miss out on enhancing your journey – equip your vehicle with the SmartSight today!

Product Specifications:

- Weight: 240g for lightweight and easy installation.

- Warranty: 1 year for peace of mind.

- View angle: 105°-140° for wide coverage.

- Special Features: G-sensor, Real Time Surveillance, Wide Dynamic Range, Wifi Function, Voice Control, Parking Monitor, 3D DNR for enhanced safety and convenience.

- Power Source: Corded Electric for reliable power supply.

- Pixels: 300Mega for high-resolution recordings.

- Number Of Lenses: 1 for straightforward installation.

- NightShot Function: YES for night-time clarity.

- Maximum Video Frame Rate: 30 for smooth recordings.

- Max External Memory: 256G for ample storage.

- Loop-Cycle Recording Feature: YES for continuous recording.

- Dimensions (W x H x D): Length: 95mm; Width: 60mm; Height: 35mm for a compact design.

- Data Storage Capacity: Supports 16GB-256GB (Notes: Micro SD card is not included) for flexible storage options.

- Camera Resolution: 2560x1440 for high-definition clarity.

- Cable Length: 3500mm for easy installation. Built-in Screen: no for reduced distraction.

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